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SKYINCOM (SKYINCOM LLC) is a team of professionals having 10-year experience in the sphere of web development.

We rank among TOP 200 web development companies in Russia and CIS in RuNet raiting and place high in Belarus RuNet rating.

The basic principle of our company is close work with the customer in the course of which we carry out analyses of the sphere of the customer’s activity, strong points, study the main competitors of the company, research preferences of the targeted public. All this enables us to create a unique product.

We have created hundreds of projects which included corporate sites, webstores, promo sites and portals, mobile applications, as well as dozens of logos and corporate styles.

Technical complexity of a project does not matter to us. What does matter is the effective result delivered right on time reflecting the scale of business and meeting the customer’s tasks.

Our Approach

We express our approach in a short motto: We know. We think. We do.
At that we clearly understand how important accurate consideration and an idea thought out to the last detail are for modern complex Internet solutions. That is why we pay particularly careful attention to the stage of generation of an Internet project: our project team always comprises an analyst, a technologist, and creative specialists.

Our Goal

Becoming a strategic business partner for our customers providing effective and accessible IT solutions of the highest possible quality that maximize the return of business and consequently increase the value of our cooperation.

We know our business

We know how to solve the customer’s problem using Internet tools
We know how to bring this solution to life
We know how to assure the quality of the implementation
We know how to form the best project team for solving a problem

Customer confidence is very important

We are a 100% customer oriented company. The securest guarantee of our devotion to you is our interest in successful development, because loss of the customer confidence is destructive for establishing and maintaining new business connections. This policy proves itself as most often our customers decide to start a second and subsequent projects namely with Us.

We use the most advanced technologies

Programming languages: C#, JavaScript, SQL, C/C++, Java, Objective C, PHP
Technologies: ASP.NET (MVC), ASP, XML/XSL, HTML, HTML/CSS, NHibernate, Spring.NET, MVC, jQuery, Ajax, NUnit, WCF, Web-services, XCode, iOS SDK, –źndroid SDK, Databases, MySQL, SQL(TSQL, Dynamic sql etc)

Having vast experience in these technologies, we can implement a project of any level of complexity. Over the years of our work, we created plenty of software products that allow speeding up the process and improving the quality of development of Internet sites, SW, and applications for mobile phones.

The team consists of experienced specialists knowing their business. We improve our technologies and software solutions every year. We keep up with the times offering our customer a more and more qualitative product.

We render the following services: sites development, software development, development of mobile applications for iPhone, development of mobile applications for Android, sites promotion (SEO), sites support, IT-business-consulting, Internet marketing.

Our company works in Belarusian, Russian, German, and Dutch markets. We have representative offices in these countries.

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