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Advertisement. Internet marketing

Effective Internet advertising performed by SKYINCOM means confidence in result! Our advertisement is aimed at increasing your site traffic. We work in several directions in this sphere at once, namely: contextual advertising, media advertising, branding and naming, promotion in social networks and PR in the Internet. Such complex approach can give first results within the shortest time. We apply techniques by virtue of which maximum productivity is attained with minimum expenses for advertising, and transparency of the whole process enables you to be always well-informed and control the results of the Internet advertising campaign. A competently planned process of Internet advertising can significantly increase your site traffic and promotes the company image.

Internet marketing is one of the most widely spread types of business promotion in the Internet. Internet advertising from SKYINCOM is an effective method of your business promotion. In the Internet there are a lot of possibilities of presenting advertisement for a definite category of users – targeted public.

Complex approach is important for Internet advertising, in fact recognizability and traffic ranking of your resource by prospective customers depends on it. Our specialists have over 10-year successful experience in this sphere. We do not just advertising, but implement the whole complex of work intended to introduce your brand, site or a specific product to the market to the targeted public. Site development - is only the first stage, and the second one, which is not less important, is complex Internet marketing.

This complex includes:

•    Business analysis of the customer’s project/brand/product/service and the sphere of his activity
•    Analyses of competition and emphasizing the advantages of the promoted product/service/brand
•    Development of logo, corporate style, slogan (many of our customers received not only the site and its promotion, but also the “name” itself  and successfully occupied their niche in the market)
•    Expert assessment, audit of the customer’s Internet resource
•    Optimizing the Internet resource for visitors (usability)
•    Optimizing the Internet site for search engines (SEO-optimization)
•    Copywriting (writing content – creating unique articles both for visitors, and for the search engines)
•    Development of complex marketing plan
•    Promotion of the site in the search engines
•    Promotion in social networks
•    Contextual advertising (Yandex. Direct, Google Adwords) 
•    Media advertising in the Internet
•    Information campaign, PR

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