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Sites reconstruction and redesign

Program of sites reconstruction - redesign, installation of management system, high quality content, promotion

Sites reconstruction program is a special offer for organizations that already have their site, but they are not satisfied with it for any of the following reasons:

1. The site is done unprofessionally
2. It is difficult or impossible to manage the site
3. The site fails to fulfill its tasks
4. The site doesn’t attract new customers
5. The site taints the company’s image
6. The site is static and non-functional
7. The site is not seen by the search engines
8. The site is just "morally" outdated

... there are many other reasons, you can chose any and we’ll do everything so that:

1. The site attracts customers
2. Forms the positive image of the company
3. The site is easy to manage
4. Brings profit
5. And you are proud of your site

The site reconstruction program consists in reduction of cost of this complex of services as reconstruction generally means creating a new site.

We create a new professional site at  70% of its real cost!

If you are not satisfied with your site, turn to us!
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