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IT consulting

Internet consulting from SKYINCOM is estimates and analytical advice for improvement of your business in the Internet. We specialize in complex promotion of business in the Internet, we can consult you and help you to move your company to a new level. The promotion strategy consists of development of a plan of actions aimed at pursuing your goals using tools and opportunities of the internet marketing. The advantage of such an approach is that we develop tactics for every customer on a case-by-case basis taking into account the specific character of the promoted business and orientation to the targeted public. Our specialists determine the competition level in your segment, plan Internet consulting expenses, and forecast results. If your company has clear and obvious goals, standard approaches are inappropriate.

stratEgic plan preparation includes several principal stages:

  • analyses of competitors
  • studying the marketing strategy of your business
  • studying the interests of the targeted public
  • development of the aims of promotion
  • analyses of efficiency of investing into advertisement
  • development and approval of the work plan
  • consultation on all questions in the process of work execution

Such complex approach allows obtaining results within the shortest time with adequate expenses.

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